I was so disrespectful….. to God.

SO let me be clear up front.This is probablyyyyy not the post you think it's gonna be.I am not religious. AT ALL  Don't really believe in spiritual traditions just for the sake that they've been done that way for years.  And certainly not what you would call a...

I thought I had a boyfriend.

I thought I had a boyfriend.

So. I've been single for like a bigillion years. Like the last boyfriend I had was before Christ. So when I went to a psychic in Sedona, and she was for sure I'd get a boyfriend like yesterday.AND I had a boyfriend within 24 hours.He was a friend that I had known...

Multi dimensional….

People want you to be ONE thing so bad. They want you to fit inside their boxes so that they can understand you at their perception. While this is how we have been programmed to respond by society.  It is not our natural human nature.We were born to explore....


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