Multi dimensional….

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People want you to be ONE thing so bad. 

They want you to fit inside their boxes so that they can understand you at their perception. While this is how we have been programmed to respond by society.  It is not our natural human nature.

We were born to explore. To learn. To expand. 


Somewhere along the way….. this stopped.

*Fear entered* 

So as you come along this journey with me, please understand I’m not exactly sure where we are going but I was told to write. To document this creation of an amazing life that is forming before my eyes.  I’m no longer listening to fear, but listening to Source (God, Jehovah, Buddha, Allah… Universe, whatever you’d like to call it) and it simply told me to WRITE.

So I’m writing.

But I WILL NOT be boxed.

So don’t expect to see all namaste and no kick your fucking ass…. or all meditation and no I’m mad hell…. or all vegan and no pork ribs… lol! 

I’m here to show you my life, my loves, my past and future….. 


Join me in honoring my truth. 

Shut up Naeemah!