You have GOT to stop talking about what you don’t want AKA Complaining!

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I’m usually not a heavy complainer…. but lately?

I’m annoying MYSELF.

The why me syndrome?

Why don’t I have this?

Why did she do that to me?

I can’t believe they were so rude.

I need more money.

Ugh I’m so fat.

Why is it raining everyday?

Ugh why did she post that?

I wish he’d shut the hell up, he’s so annoying.

This dumb ass car, I need another one.

My back. My neck. My neck and my back. LOL!

You guys get the point. But check this.

All the time I’m whining and griping I am aligning myself with what I’m complaining about. 


Yes, the good ‘ole LAW OF ATTRACTION.

So I decided upon this 7 DAY NO COMPLAINING CHALLENGE. No griping, whining, gossiping, or negative talk. At all.

Then I realized some of my amazing friends have been complaining a bit more recently too, so I asked them would they be interested. Of course they all did. ‘Cause they are bomb. 

Then I realized this is needed amongst the masses. This is life changing. This can change the cycle of limiting beliefs. This will allow some people to change the sorry ass stories they tell themselves. 

So. Join me.


Have your friends and family join you.


Lets be the change we want to see (my homegirl Shauntee B’s fave quote)…..

NO COMPLAINING. Starting July 19th – 25th!

Below are some worksheets and tips on how you are able to make this the best experience for you.

How often are you complaining? Do you think it makes a big difference in the things that come to you? Tell us! 

No Complaining




  1. Mealey

    Thank you Naeemah!!!
    This is so very much needed.
    It can change the world … for real! ❀️

  2. Amanda S

    This is something that a #cancer would think of to do!!! No negative energy πŸ™ŒπŸΎπŸ™ŒπŸΎπŸ™ŒπŸΎ


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