Mini Break.

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Sometimes you have to get the hell away.

Regain your footing.

And dip on the world….

Lol! No it’s not that serious but sometimes you have to take a step back. Get in some self love and chill.

And it was me… I desperately needed to escape. Blank out. Get un-overwhelmed.

I had intense feelings of “what the hell have I done!”  that called for this “away time”.

Let’s be all the way real.  I have been stressed the entire eff out. Feeling a bit loopy, disoriented and kind of confused about which direction to go.  This summer I took on a lot without any direct pre-planning.  And before the people that know me yell “what’s new?”, that is pretty normal for me.  But this time it hit my mental pretty hard.

I moved into an excellent school district (aka a expensive ass hippie neighborhood) for my son, without knowing where any of the money is coming from.  Yep. No real savings. No understanding of where I’d get this massive monthly rent(3 times my mortgage amount) for a downtown loft after leaving my house. NO real plan…. but like I said I set out a vision and go for it.

Oh, I forgot to mention I sold everything, because I wanted a fresh start, so we are starting from scratch. No beds, no spoons or forks, or even a tv… just me, the kid, and our clothes.

Yep. That’s me… I jump and wait to fly. I just wish these wings came with explicit directions. Oh well!

It has been a year since I’ve closed my daycare and revamping this A Travel Culture business has been slow motion because I’m not exactly sure what I want to do with it, if anything at all.

So I’m still just out here free ballin it. Using my savings…. lol… savings (that’s funny). I really just thought that would sound cool… ain’t no savings mane.

With all this being said things have actually worked out pretty awesome for the kid and I.  I turned my house into a rooming house to make more money.  Spent the entire summer with a friend (while Jay went away for the summer) that took me in… rent free (forever indebted). And the apartment forget to run a credit check so I didn’t have to put down a deposit. And we moved in!  Oh hey God/Source/Universe answering me and stuff!

This all happened pretty fast.

During this time I’ve become a bit lost. And lost brings unfulfilled. Unfulfilled brings depression. And depression brings a lot of time in bed doing NOTHING.

Yep. Me. I’ve been in bed. In the house. Doing a bunch of nothing.

So I had to snap out of it. Give a shock to my brain.

Meditating one day… trying get into the vortex (I’ll write about that soon). And I heard…

Cut. Off. Social. Media.

I knew why. I found myself mindlessly scrolling, complaining and judging when I should be doing other things. Life passion things.

Getting annoyed at people’s comments, especially the ones that just wait to comment from a negative standpoint but never say anything else… talk about a pet peeve I have (but I was judging and complaining, no bueno).

Wondering why I follow people that just post “Petty Betty” stuff all day and talk about how they hate Monday’s (still don’t know why I follow them but more judging on my part).

And doing that dreadful thing that helps NOTHING, comparison (the thief of all joy right?)

So I deleted all my fave apps…. Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat.

Lol! Sounds simple. And it is.


It’s hard.

My brain had become accustomed to scrolling and when your brain gets cut off from something it gets mad and tries to find other things to mindlessly do.  But, because I became aware of this, I started focusing on things that could help me. And your brain starts changing up for you. Laying different pathways to start other habits, and I swear I tried to lay better pathways.



Attempted to eat better….lol

Meditated regularly (which brought on a few creepy things, that I’ll also talk about that on another blog).

Listened for what I was supposed to do next.

Journaled to figure out my next life plans.

And of course I traveled.

Because like Jay-Z says “vacay the pain away”…. I live by this. I googled what’s cheap and wound up in….


I flew into Phoenix from Atlanta… because $73 round trip flights always matter.  I rented a car and drove up to the greatness of Sedona, Arizona.

The hour and a half drive to Sedona is mind blowing in its own right. The cliffs, valleys, canyons, and clear skies are crazy! Feels like you landed on another planet, especially if you spend most of your time in the city. Then you see Sedona in the distance, glowing, as you speed down the windy roads. Like you won a prize.



Not only does it visually entice you but once you get there?

You feel it. Physically.

I’m an empath. So it may be more intense for me. But everyone that’s there feels it. They talk about it. They ask why you’re here, and how you feel being in the high vibration place.

After a few trips there I’m convinced that nature can heal your spirit.

Let’s talk about what I’ve learned in this social media silence, which won’t be forever because I love exchanging energy, ideas, and opinions on the scroll (if you’re reading this I’m probably back). I definitely have learned some things during the miniature break and during my travel into what I call earth-heaven.

  1. Pray. Meditate. Repeat.  I want to do an video, a blog, a seminar, an event, invite you for wine and talks just to speak about this. I won’t go into much depth but if you incorporate this into your life you will see DRAMATIC changes.
  2. Be present. A piece of life is missing lately and this is a part of it. During my daily goings with my 13 year old son while “away” I realized I was “with” him mentally in all of our conversations, my “huh, what did you say” were less and I understand him more. I began to  pay attention when I’d go out with my friends. My mind was fully on who I was with at the time at any given time. I think this is a huge aha moment for enjoying life and seeing the small things that have been overlooked before.
  3. Turn off everything. The tv, ride in the car without the radio, turn off your phone… You have certain things inside of you that won’t come out unless you’re quiet. Still. Life is busy. We do a lot during our 24 hours, and things are constantly being subconsciously put into our psyche. The in between spaces of our lives are filled with the scroll of social media. There is always some type of picture, idea, or opinion entering your brain.  At some point I think you have to shut up the flow to your brain and become inspired by what’s inside of yourself. It’s there, just quiet everything around you and shut up.
  4. Comparison ain’t shit. Mannnnnn, I know we’ve heard this before but social media is usual people’s highlight reel. You’re only seeing the best of their lives. Not only that, but what’s for you is for you. We all have different paths. You know how boring life would be if we all were on the same path doing the same thing. You have something unique that the world needs. Don’t let that go by comparing life to someone else’s life.
  5. Reading. Sometime I forget this is so very important. I forgot the amount of amazing ideas and good feelings that come from reading. I’m thinking about setting my book club back up!
  6. Travel! You CAN find a cheap flight and a couple days. Gives you a breath of fresh air. Time to regain your footing. Love life again.

I’m still not exactly sure what I want to do but it’s being opened daily for me.

What are some things you do to regain your footing when you feel like life is swallowing you whole? Let me hear! I probably need some more ideas. LOL!

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    stomping & clapping. I second this testimony & agree 100%


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