2017. I learned and saw that…

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I saw whatever I want. I can have. 

What I don’t have is because of me. 

I can never fail at being me. 

I don’t have to work hard to have great things like the world tells me. 

Love is real. It never stops. 

Fear happens but do it anyway. 

My light is bright. Stop dimming it. 

My son was made specifically for me. 

My friends and family showed me people will look out for themselves first… yes Naeemah over you. It’s ok. They are still my friends and family.

And I should too, even if I’m not quite sure how to do that yet. 

I don’t need to win anyone over. This is not a job interview. 

I can acccept help too. 

Growth can feel foreign, but it’s imperative for expansion and an amazing adventure. 

Chill is a part of my greatness. 

I enjoy being alone and I love being amongst people. Both are fine. 

I love a party. And stillness has become a part of my life as well. Both still fine. 

Money comes abundantly for me. When I stop the resist. 

I still don’t know a damn thing about being a girlfriend but I’m really interested in trying. 

My life is a summation of my thoughts and feelings. 

Everything is still and will forever be happening for my good. ✨”