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Not a word that is usually used when describing me. Every time I mention this to friends, they look at me like “yea fucking right, you don’t get scared”.  I’m not exactly sure why they don’t believe I’m scared or why I’m scared at all. But I am.

I have something that’s been growing in me for awhile. Anyone that has been pregnant or seen someone close to them pregnant knows towards the end it gets pretty uncomfortable.  The baby needs to come out, a birth needs to occur. This idea is my baby, I’m in love with it. I’ve just been forcing this baby to stay in me, and I’m effin  uncomfortable! Why are you doing this to yourself Naeemah?

So it’s time to share. Well, I’ve been sharing, but in bits and pieces, just enough so that I don’t make myself uncomfortable. My last few years have been extremely transformative, so I know this could help others. I’ve thrived in situations I never thought I could last in. I’ve learned how to manifest crazy stuff that I only dreamed of. I’ve transformed my belief system and the stories I tell myself.  I’ve changed *gasp*.

We tend to be so scared of that word. CHANGE.

What makes us so scared of change, even when it will send your life in the direction that you’d love to see it flow? What makes us stay in nasty, boring, broke, crazy situations way longer than we ever intended to be there? Whether it be a job, relationship, a house, or a even a party that you just can’t seem to say bye at. Why do we do this?

One reason I know is our brains. Our brains are still wired to run away from wild animals in the jungle. It’s the flight or fight thing you probably learned about in psychology or biology class.  If we think too long about a new thing we’d like to try, our brains put up CAUTION signs. Don’t do that you might die! Run, turn around!  Isn’t that crazy we are still working with this antiquated nervous system.

I know you guys are reading this post for you, but I’m really writing this because it time to get out of my own holding pattern of bullshit and get a bit uncomfortable. I’m hoping that writing this out will help me take the steps necessary to get to expand my life! I had to think for awhile what do I normally do to birth a project. But here goes a few ways to be scared but do it anyway!

  1. Just JUMP. You have to start without thinking. In the beginning just do. Put one foot in front of the other and go. Starting this way so you brain has a while to catch up. Set the meeting up. Call the person. Buy the sample product. Start the first chapter of the book. Don’t analyze anything in this stage, just DO and see how it feels and where it takes you.

  2. Meditate. I know I’m probably getting on your nerves with this meditation stuff, but it’s true. You will probably get anxious. I know I do, meditation settles me right down and connects me back to my higher self and Source. And that where my help comes from ultimately so what do I actually need to be scared of?

  3. Get in over your head. I went to a conference a few weeks ago called Real Social Proof and at the end of the conference Davis Shands (the creator of the event) shouts, “GET IN OVER YOUR HEAD”. My first mind said, that’s dumb why would I do that? Then on the ride home, I realized we aim way too low guys. We do the bare minimum. This is just being honest, things we can do in a day, we outline 2 weeks for. Stop playing yourself, bigger goals make you go harder. It makes you see what you’re really made of, and after seeing just how amazing you are the fear begins to dissipate.

    4. Stop acting like you have to be perfect. It’s a real thing called analysis paralysis. This is where you over-think about a decision to the point that a choice never gets made!   There is a real science to this, when you begin to analyze you start to see all the different choices you have, that will lead your brain to the various outcomes that can happen and in turn leave your brain stuck in ANXIETY CITY. So remember that you just starting, is better than analyzing how to start or when to start Go!

    I found this quote from Maya Angelou and it’s my motivator for today!  “When you do nothing, you feel overwhelmed and powerless. But when you get involved, you feel the sense of hope and accomplishment.”

    Today is my day one of going hard and seeing just what I’m capable of. The contractions of my new baby Aligned AF are happening!  I’m definitely scared but I’m gonna push this baby out anyway. I don’t know the entire path ahead but I’m putting one foot in front of the other.

    Please join me! What are you guys starting, or continuing and doing it despite the fear? How can I support?



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  1. Shauntee B.

    Puuuush…can’t wait until you go into labor and deliver🖤✨


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