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I know it’s been awhile… a year and seventeen days to be exact. I’ve really wanted to stay up to date with you guys, I really have. My heart wanted to share it all. My brain would answer with a hard “no that’s too much”. My impulsiveness writes all the time and everywhere, but my non committal lifestyle never finishes the idea completely.  I would write something really sad, and be so emotional and felt it was too depressive of a post to share with the masses. Other times I’d write something so upbeat and positive that it sounded like fluff once I re-read it, and no one likes fluff it’s a waste of your read. In the end I let myself get in the way of what I really wanted to write about. The fear about what my readers may think engulfed me! I become extremely UNLIKE my natural self, because normally I don’t give a shit, especially not to the point of stopping something I enjoy.

Here are a few blog titles sitting in my drafts that have either been started or completely finished and I never posted them…..

  • When the happy girl is depressed

  • Parenting! How did we get ourselves into this?

  • I’m scared as shit. Should I continue?

  • Love. Is it worth it?

  • Pay it forward

  • Manifest… is this thing on?

  • Stop being a lame….

  • Bust the effin bubble

  • Friends… they are human too.

Aren’t these dope titles? My life has so many twists and turns that can help you guys think about your own lives and possible change or be proud of things going on.

So 2019 has arrived. I’ve decided to stop letting my ego run this blog. Or my pre frontal cortex run it (that’s my nerdy side). People are actually interested in my writings, I’ve had a few people tell me what I wrote helped them through some hard times. Of course this makes my heart sing and makes me feel all giddy inside. But to be honest, I’m not really doing this for anybody else. I’ve been writing in a personal journal since I was six years old. It’s one of my first loves. I also love sharing my stories, thoughts and ideas with others and I’ve built communities and wild friendships because of it. This is why I’m coming back to do Shut Up Naeemah…. it’s time to get back to me and what I love.

And while I’m getting back to what I love make sure you take time to get back to your loves, the things you got scared of, or felt judged, or just plain ole stopped because life got in the way. GET BACK. Don’t have regrets…

So. Are you ready? 

I hope so. Cause I have a lot to share.

Love you guys! Lots.  


What do you guys want to see me write about? Feed me ideas in the comments. I’m ready!

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  1. Moni

    I’d like to see you write about:
    – being scared as shit and not letting it get in the way of living your dreams.
    – the life you have is the life you choose even if you’re not consciously aware of it.
    – taking care of Self.


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