I just can’t be around you…

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I’m sitting at the bar drinking my fave cocktail, Kettle One with a splash of lime, and I wanna tell you about another weird part of me. This part of my life is so cool and super weird. Sidenote: I use the word “weird” sometimes in replace of sad, hard or bad because, welllllllll… that’s another blog. 

I feel people, like really, I can feel what people feel before they even say a word to me. LITERALLY. It’s kind of why so many people like me or are attracted to me, I can make them feel comfortable on another level because I know what they need, no matter where they are coming from. Sometimes it’s dope other times it’s super strange, and often annoying af.  Imagine hanging with a dude, and even though he’s cool as shit on the outside, you feel the turmoil inside of them, or extreme sadness that they are attempting to cover up. You can’t even focus on just having fun, you start trying to fix his problems (which will never work) in your head.  Or what about hanging with your homegirls, all we want is a turnup but all you keep feeling is how one of them wants to solve their daddy issues, and how it’s ruining their life. There also comes a point where I take on people’s energy as my own, like where did this sadness come from? Why am I angry? This isn’t even my stuff! Yes. Annoying AF!!! 

The life of an empath. Or really clairsentience.

Definition: Clairsentience, which means clear sensing, is the ability to feel the present, past or future physical and emotional states of others, without the use of the normal five senses.

So along with being clairsentience I adore helping people, it’s almost like people that need help are attracted to me and I usually jump right in trying to help. They don’t even know that’s why they want to be around me. But some of the time it ends badly for me, I become depleted, because people can be energy vampires.  Sometimes I leave the person feeling like a charity project or like they are my soldier and I’m their drill sergeant. To sum it up, it’s bullshit. And gets me nowhere. 

Here I am today trying to fix this shit. Or really fix me. Cause, yet again yea I’m depleted. Or maybe let’s phrase this differently. I want to make this gift, because I’ve seen the amazingness it’s done for people, better for everyone, but me first. Let’s hone this thing in especially since I can’t turn it off  

I feel we all do this at some level in our lives. We hang around bad energy and take it on as our own. We try fixing people who haven’t asked to be fixed. So here are some tips that I know help. If I’d only start using them.  

1. Be fucking selective. 

If they don’t care about you, then fuck them. And you know deep down inside when they care.  Especially as women, we spend way too much energy on people that could care less.

2. Learn how to shield yourself.  

There are exercises that help you block yourself off from feeling everyone so deeply. Subscribe if you wanna learn some I’ll be sending them out this week. 

3. They didn’t ask for help. So stop offering. 

Seriously Naeemah, you’re bothering them, and they are side eyeing you and talking about you to their friends, so quit it. No matter how much you know you’re right, and what you’re saying will help, right doesn’t matter if they aren’t going to listen. 

4. Love yourself more than any other soul on this earth. 

This is real for so many instances, not just this one. They tell you to put your own oxygen mask on first on the plane if something goes wrong for a reason. If you can’t love yourself you really can’t love anyone else, you’re just doing it to make yourself feel better. Yep, some people just help others to make themselves feel better, and if the humans don’t appreciate it, it crushes us. Crazy humans we are huh?  

5. Recharge  

Take necessary breaks. Meditate! There goes that sneaky practice again. It helps to bring you back to a grounded balanced state.  

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Do you ever take on others people’s energy?What do you do to prevent the negative side effects of it?

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 Talk to you guys later!  

Naeemah. 🖤